Everything Equally

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The ideology of public space consists of the implementation of an environment, usually constructed and maintained by councils but for use by the general public. Ideally ‘equal for all’, though realistically tainted by the imposition of restrictions of use, they alienate certain groups within society leading to a sense of oppression and claustrophobia.

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In the series, ‘Everything Equally’, I have recorded over time, subtle evidence of influential factors on the identity of this constructed public space in Donaghadee, County Down in Northern Ireland. Here we are witness to a mostly empty space resembling a zone of exclusion, with evidence of both the natural environment and humanity attempting to claim ownership, resulting in a space with an ambiguous purpose. Paradoxically though, it is this that helps to define its identity.

Since the creation of this work the structures have been demolished and a generic childrens’ play area has replaced them.